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LoudLocal Is Now a Trusted Google Partner

So FarSuch Little Time

Since we launched in April 2021, we have grown exponentially, and our progression isn't stopping anytime soon. We obtained Recommended Agency Status with the Drum in June 2021, which was followed by our partnership with Wix. Both were huge milestones for our business, achieved in such a short period. 

And now, we have reached another huge milestone and secured Google Partnership status.

Reaching Google Partner status is a massive achievement for us as a young business. 

We are now a trusted Google Partner for PPC and paid advertising services.

Reaching Google Partner status is a huge achievement for us as such a young business.  We also have 3 certified account strategists! 

Google Trusted Partner - What Does This Mean?

Google partnership is a marketing programme that means that Google now trusts us to use their ad platform on behalf of other businesses to manage and optimise their website and campaigns. It is an impressive feat for any business to gain a Google partnership. However, for a company of our size and duration of life, a seemingly years away goal is now an unearthly reality that we can be forever proud of.

We have a total of three account strategists within the company, which means we are prepped to support businesses with their digital advertising needs. 

Our team are certified across all areas of the Google Ads ecosystem, including Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Apps. View our paid advertising page for a full breakdown of the places our team can support with. 

Google Marketing Partner for Paid Advertising and PPC (1)We are one of the first UK agencies to obtain certification for the brand new Google Partner status, which is due to launch in February 2022. 

Playing to Our Strengths

Our journey with Google Ads does not stop there. We are constantly optimising our performance and knowledge to provide the best service we can.
The customers we currently work with on PPC (Pay per click advertising) have seen significant increases in the performance of their accounts online. One client saw an incredible ROAS (return of ad spend) of over 2500%!

Our team is continually expanding, and we have recently recruited three new team members. But we pride ourselves in producing such impressive results considering the size of our team. We feel that we excel at this because we take a very hands-on approach to PPC, spending significant time optimising our client's accounts to ensure they get the possible return of any investment.

Our clients continually give feedback on how impressed they are with our proactiveness, willingness to improve campaign performance and excellent communication skills.

Untitled design (17)-1

Whilst we are small in size, we make up for that with a personalised service that continually delivers results.

The Future of LoudLocal

So, where do we stand now? What‘s next in our journey? As far as we’re concerned, there is no limit to the success that we can achieve. We are constantly striving for the next level and to grow an endless portfolio of satisfied customers. Every milestone like this drives us further and further to our goal of becoming one of the leading suppliers of digital marketing services.

Untitled design (18)-1

Our journey is just starting and we aim to keep learning, growing and moving forward. 

Need Support with Paid Advertising? 

As a newly appointed Google Partner, we want to show people what our talented team are capable of and put the use of our skills and accreditation into practice. 

So if you need support with Google Ads, don't hesitate to get in touch. We would love to show you first-hand why we are one of the UK's fastest-growing young agencies. 

Google Ads is a potent tool for your business, and with the right management team behind it, you are sure to see a highly positive return on your investment at an affordable price. 

For information about the extent of our services then visit our paid advertising page. 

Coming Soon... 

In the spirit of our constant progress, we have another announcement coming soon, which is another momentous milestone for us, and we genuinely hope you’re around to hear it. Why not be the first to find out? Subscribe to our mailing list by entering your details below. 


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