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LoudLocal Digital Marketing Services - New Website Launched!

We wanted to simplify our offering and make it easier for prospective and existing customers to find out what we are about, what we do, and how to help them.

Not only this, we firmly believe a website should continuously evolve as your business grows, which is why we always recommend that a website should be refreshed and updated each year (if not every quarter).

Unbelievable this is the third iteration of our website, and we are less than 1 year old! As you can see, we practice what we preach.

So What's Changed? 

A lot really. As you may see, we have gone for a much lighter on the eye look (less blue) as the previous design was a little um... divisive. 🙊

We now have an incredible twelve months of servicing clients under our belts, yet our clients barely got a mention.  So we wanted to change this, and showcase some of the exciting projects we have worked on.  Along with this, we have added more information about our team and who we are. Our services have also expanded, which we are pleased to include brand new services like Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Advertising.  

We have also updated our range of Website Packages too! 

But by far, our proudest achievement is that our website is now built around our customer relationship management system (CRM) HubSpot. With this, HubSpot is an impressive and dynamic system with a wealth of advanced integration tools. It has made it easy to manage all of our contacts, client work and scale as a business.  We have managed to reduce over ten different systems into one single system, which is quite a big system integration project, but we have done it! 

As a result, our website now enables us to provide existing customers with a better customer experience by streamlining our processes. We can respond to questions quickly and ensure that all of our clients are getting the level of service we pride ourselves on.

We recently gained Hubspot partner status, and we also wanted to showcase what we can do with Hubspot.  If you like what we have done, and fancy exploring how your business can also take advantage of the features Hubspot offers, then be sure to get in touch

Our old website which was built many years ago, in 2021


The Need for Speed

Tech buffs will know that Google has introduced a new ranking factor called “Web Vitals”. In summary, these are quality signals that ensure you provide website users with a positive customer experience. Areas like the speed of your website, how quickly it loads and whether the content loads correctly are of high importance. As a provider of website design services, we wanted to ensure that we practised what we preached, so we set about creating a content-heavy website (like ours) that met all of the criteria. A clear example of what we are capable of doing for our clients.

If you are interested in learning more about web vitals, or you want to see how your website performs (free of charge), then visit GTMetrix. If your website is slow and your web vitals show a low result, please get in touch to get help with improving this. 

GTMetrix speed report for our new site, showing really good web vitals results (A)

Changing Direction 

When we launched (during the height of the second lockdown), we wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to order digital marketing services. However, as the UK saw nationwide restrictions lifted, we started to see that most customers preferred to transact with us more traditionally, over the phone or in person. Although, we still feel that having the facility to pay for invoices and services online quickly is a real bonus, which is why we have implemented this feature for all of our customers. We are also looking at ways that people can book our services online.

However we wanted to maintain full transparency around pricing, and we now have a dedicated page that outlines our pricing in full.  

Transparent pricing will remain on our website as its something we strongly in providing for our customer

Maintaining transparency with our pricing remains a critical part of our strategy. 

We are not finished yet! 

As part of our continuous improvement programme, we plan to adapt and update the website based on customer feedback/the user experience and streamline our processes. We have a roadmap for 2022 and have many further exciting enhancements we will be rolling out in the near future, watch this space.

Thanks for reading this article, we hope you like our new website. If you have any feedback, then please get in touch.

If you are looking for a new website yourself, then why not book a video call with a member of our team - we would love the opportunity to show you what we are capable of! 


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