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Food Industry

Case Study: Taster


Taster's logo which is the brand name with a tongue to make the shape of the S





"It's looking fantastic and I know how much hard work went into it. I'm excited to see our traffic soar and soar now" ~ Kate, Head of Marketing


Website Design

Local SEO

Taster is one of LoudLocal's clients, the image shows the stock room of one of the franchise kitchens, with brown takeaway boxes stacked on shelves as well as branded stickers and signs on the wall.
An image of Jamie Oliver who is the owner of the brand Pasta Dreams, wearing a grey jumper and blue apron sprinkling cheese on top of a pasta dish in a takeaway box.
Taster is one of LoudLocal's clients. This image shows a person wearing blue kitchen gloves writing on brown paper bags with Out Fry written on the outside
Taster is one of LoudLocal's clients. The image shows someone using a machine to recieve Deliveroo orders at the front of house of one of Taster's franchise.

The Brief

Taster offers food brands franchise opportunities across 70+ cities across the world. They first came to us after being referred to us by another SEO agency, as they were unable to provide local SEO support at the scale taster needed.

As local SEO specialists, we reached out to understand their requirements and objectives. This allowed us to come up with a solution that not only achieved the clients requirements and objectives but was also within their budget. We proposed a three stage transformation which involved tackling existing issues and providing both an interim and long term strategy for SEO. 


- Improve local SEO for all locations 

- Optimise website for speed & useability


Initial Upload.

We began by designing a database that included fields that matched Google's business profile requirements, and pulled through the data from Taster's internal system to do the initial upload to Google.

Taster is one of LoudLocal's clients, this image shows a screenshot of the software used to build the database with the information from Google's business profile.


Verifying Locations.

The next step involved organising all the restaurants by country, allowing us to start verifying each location. In order to do this we used Aircall to assign a phone number to each location, to complete the phone verification step and ensure the majority of restaurants appeared on Google.

An image to show the google my business page for one of Out Fry's restaurant locations.


Website Optimisation.

To start on the website we did lots of initial testing and experimenting with wire frames and speed. We were focused on optimising the website for speed and usability as this is a B2B website. 

Following Taster's detailed brief we designed pages that matched their new branding guidelines. We ensured each brand had a dedicated page and outlined the benefits of becoming a Taster partner across the site. 

Taster is one of LoudLocal's clients, this image shows a screenshot of one of Taster's webpages to show the work LoudLocal has done to the website.


Integrating the site.

We also implemented HubSpot forms to ensure the website integrates seamlessly with tasters CRM. We created various graphics and implemented a dynamic content system to allow members to edit content quickly and easily. One of the main challenges we overcame was adding French and Spanish translations to the entire site, we collaborated with Taster's team to ensure translations were accurate and consistent. We did extensive testing and quality checks (asking for feedback) particularly with the tablet and mobile views and overall responsiveness.

Taster is one of LoudLocal's clients, this image shows a screenshot of the french and english translations needed to create the Taster site.
Taster is on of LoudLocal's clients, this image shows mockups of the new Taster website showing how it is responsive across mobile, desktop and tablet views.

Since Our Work:


Verified Locations Across Europe


New Users

After launching the new website taster saw an increase in B2B leads, business enquiries and overall traffic to the site. Compared to their previous website it was much easier to navigate and all the content was displayed clearly, as the old website was heavily focused on design rather than user experience.

With the new system in place we were able to ensure tasters restaurants are easy for customers to find on google and access any information about them. With over 300 verified locations across Europe.  As we continue to work with taster the process of adding new restaurants and updating existing ones is more efficient than before we started.

Throughout the process we built a fantastic relationship with the marketing team from Taster, with the marketing director commenting how efficient and effective our communications with them are. Working with Taster demonstrates true collaboration, it feels like we are part of their team rather than an external agency, allowing us to help them achieve the best results possible. 

A screenshot of the sign up page on the Taster website designed by Loudlocal
A screenshot of the blog page on the Taster website designed by LoudLocal
A screenshot of the franchise page on the Taster website designed by LoudLocal
A screenshot of the homepage on the Taster website designed by LoudLocal
A screenshot of the get started page on the Taster website designed by LoudLocal
A screenshot of the get in touch page on the Taster website by LoudLocal
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