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    Local Presence Management

    If you are looking to amplify your business locally, reach more customers and make your business the talk of the town – then you have come to the right place. Amplify your business locally with our range of local presence management services.

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    Our Local Presence Management Services

    Local online marketing and listing management is a critical part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in 2022. But it can be incredibly time-consuming to keep on top of things. That's where LoudLocal can help, our range of local presence management services are designed specifically to maximise results. 

    Our local presence management services include:

    Streamline Reviews for Your Business

    Having a rock-solid online reputation can be the difference between customers making a purchase, ordering a service or visiting your store.

    Our review and reputation management services are designed to help your business manage, request and respond to reviews quickly and easily. Saving you time and helping you provide customers with an exceptional service experience.

    View Our Review and Reputation Management Services

    Master Social Media, Locally

    Engaging with customers in your local area on social media is a great way to spread the word. We can help with both organic and unpaid social media campaigns.

    Our Social Media Management services include geo-targeted ad campaigns, content creation, content boosting and social media account optimisation. Helping your business reach new audiences and convert more customers.

    View Our Social Media Management Services

    Directory Listing Supremacy

    We can list your business on over 35 top directories, ensuring your business is listed locally across the key search engines, maps, voice assistants, social networks and online business directories.

    Regardless of where your customers are searching, we can make sure you are appearing. Leading to more customer enquiries and increased sales.

    View our Directory Listing Services

    Photos Customers Like To See

    Our team can take fully optimised images of your business at work, ideal for use on online directories, social media, Bing Places and Google My Business.

    Best of all, our location photography services are available at a fixed price. Ensuring you can keep track of exactly how much things cost.

    View our Business Location Photography services


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    We can support with a wide range of areas that will help improve your business's local online presence

    Local Presence Management Agency Services
    Stand Out Online Locally

    Designed For Local Businesses  

    Our local marketing services are designed with one purpose, to improve how prominent your business is online, locally. 

    Ideal for local businesses, our range of services is perfect for restaurants, builders, merchants, tradespeople takeaways, shops, gardeners, plus lots more. If you provide service locally, then this service is for you! 

    So if you are looking to turn up the volume on your local presence, then get in touch.

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    Review and Reputation management Services

    Our review and reputation management services are designed to help your business manage reviews across Facebook and Google

    Improve the online reputation and increase sales for your business

    Review and Reputation Management Services

    Make no mistake, positive customer reviews drive sales. Reviews are a critical part of the customer’s journey and have a direct impact on the final purchase decision. Despite its importance, very few businesses take advantage of this powerful form of customer communication. Managing multiple review sites and continually monitoring them for responses can be quite a time-consuming task.

    But all is not lost and at LoudLocal we can help you and your business take your review strategy to a new level.

    How Can We Help With Review Management?

    We provide you with full access to a powerful and easy to use reputation management dashboard. So you can manage and analyse your reputation in one area. Additionally, we will support you and get you up to speed with learning the ropes. If you’re not sure how online reputation works, then that’s not a problem. We can go through this with you and provide one to one training, which w


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    Review and Reputation Management

    What's Included? 

    The Biggest Review Sites, In One Place!

    See, manage and respond to reviews from over 15+ top UK review sites such as TripAdvisor,, Trustpilot and Facebook.

    Showcase Your Reviews Online

    Showcase the reviews on your website with an easy to use dashboard. Get dedicated support from our team to set this up if you're not sure how to.

    Simple And Easy To Use

    Get going in minutes with the dashboards simple to use and easy to understand interface.

    Get More Reviews

    Get more reviews by sending email and SMS campaigns directly to existing customers - all at the click of a button.

    Single Login For All Sites

    No need to login to each site individually, just log on to the dashboard and you're good to go.

    Fixed Monthly Price

    Know exactly how much you are paying and when (backed by our happiness guarantee).


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    Location Photography Services to help improve your local presence online

    With our location photography services, you can be sure to have excellent quality and realistic images. Perfect for directory listings and social media!

    Improve the online reputation and increase sales for your business

    Location Photography Services

    Research has shown that customers prefer “real to life images” that connect with customers. But so many companies use stock images or pictures that are not reflective of what the business does.

    At LoudLocal, we know which images make a difference to how customers perceive your brand. We also know which images can improve the performance of your online listings.

    What Type of Images Can We Take?

    We will take pictures of your business, the team at work, products/services and anything that will genuinely help your business shine online. We use the latest equipment to capture the perfect image and also work to optimise these for use online.

    Images Our Team Take Are Perfect For:


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    Improve the online reputation and increase sales for your business

    Location Photography Services

    Our photography services are ideal for a wide range of businesses across a variety of different sectors. Our team will work with you to determine the type of images your customers would like to see and which images are likely to have the most positive impact online. All images are provided as optimised photos designed to meet the specifications of the platforms they will be posted on. We will also provide you with the pictures in a raw unedited form for you to keep.

    Our location photography services are set at a fixed price of just £250 (Excl VAT) per location for businesses located in the Midlands (additional charges may be incurred outside of this area. 

    This price includes 

    1. Initial phone consultation: We will determine your requirements, the platforms photos will be used on and arrangements for the shoot.
    2. Pre-Shoot Brief: Following the consultation, we will produce a brief outlining the plan and any additional considerations.
    3. Morning/afternoon photoshoot: Advise a date and time that suits you. Will bring our equipment to your location and provide you with clear guidance on what needs to be set up and where.
    4. A short video (optional):  If part of your requirement is a short video, we will also complete this on the same day as the shoot (at no additional cost). We can either send you the unedited video in the format of your choice or edit the video on your behalf (subject to an additional cost).
    5. Image editing: We will send up to 15 edited images and all the RAW files following your instruction. Images will be in various formats/resolutions depending on your requirements.
    6. Assistance with image uploading (optional): If needed we can help you by providing one to one assistance on updating your profiles/listings with the images. 


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    With our location photography services you can be sure to have excellent quality and realistic images. Perfect for directory listings and social media!

    Directory Listing Services

    Quickly track how your business is performing for directory listings

    Build and Fix Incorrect Local Business Listings, Across 50 Online Directories

    Directory Listing Services 

    Getting your business listed across the internet can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Not anymore – with our directory listing services, we will do all the hard work for you! We can list your business on over 50 carefully selected key directories, including Google My BusinessTripAdvisorBingYelpYellow Pages ( and Apple Maps.


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    Review and Reputation Management

    What's Included? 

    No Recurring Fees

    Pay once and the listings are yours forever. We never suppress, remove or change listings (even if you decide to go to a different agency)

    Quality Not Quantity

    We carefully select which directories will have the most significant impact on your business. We never list with directories if we feel it will offer little value to your business

    Track Performance Easily

    We provide a dashboard, allowing you to track and monitor how your business appears across all the main directories

    UK Owned and Based

    We are a 100% British owned and British based business, which means we understand the UK market and the different directories people use to find business information

    Free Technical Support

    Our team are always on hand to help with any technical enquiries. We will guide you through the listings campaign and answer any questions you have (at no cost)

    Automatic Listings

    We will list everything on your behalf, based on the details provided during sign up. However, please note that some sites may require a manual verification via phone/email to confirm as part of their security. Simply let us know if you need any help with this


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    What Our Customers Say

    No Hidden Fees

    Fair Pricing To Suit Your Needs

    When it comes to pricing, we're an open book. This means we don't have any hidden costs and we will always inform you upfront of what our services are going to cost.
    At LoudLocal, if we say a project will cost a certain amount, then rest assured it will. No surprises, complete transparency and honesty is what you will get with us.
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    Honest, transparent pricing.
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    Want the complete package?

    We have pulled together all-in-one packages that include everything you will need for your local presence management. There is no need to waste time and search for everything individually, because we have all of this covered to make your life easier. Find more information and compare each package here:

    Local Marketing FAQ

    New to Local Presence Management? We Are Here to Help! 

    We understand that not everyone we work with is an expert in local marketing.  This is why our team will always speak in plain English and avoid technical jargon (or at least explain what it means).  We feel it is vital that as a customer you understand exactly what we are doing, and the benefit it will have for your business.   If you are still scratching your head then don't hesitate, give us a call and we will talk you through it. 

    Is local marketing important?

    Yes, local marketing is essential, especially if you are a smaller business without the online marketing budgets and reach of larger companies.

    What is local marketing?

    Local Marketing is a strategy businesses use online to get their products or services in front of the people in their local area. It is also used to engage people in a specific place to convert them into high-value customers.

    How do I promote locally?

    To promote locally, you need to target local audiences in your campaigns. To find out how you specifically can do this, contact our team.

    Does my business need local marketing?

    The need for local marketing generally depends on your business. However, most companies invest in local marketing, which is especially important for smaller businesses. If you're not sure if you need local marketing, get in touch with our team to find out.

    How much does local marketing cost?

    Our Local Marketing packages range from £36 per month with a minimum 12-month contract. To find out more, get in touch with our team.

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