LoudLocal. A brief introduction.

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We’re vocal about local! Find out more about who we are, our mission, vision, values and our history. 

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About Us: Our History

LoudLocal was established in 2020, against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. While the pandemic was a challenging time, it highlighted the importance of how digital technology can be a force for good for businesses and individuals alike.

It was hugely positive to see businesses of all shapes and sizes connecting with their customers in new and exciting ways. It was a revolution! The founders of LoudLocal felt setting up a service that would assist businesses cut through the noise locally and harness technology in a positive way would be hugely beneficial.

So the team set about creating a service that did exactly that – and that is how we started.

Vocal about local
If you are not already aware, we're vocal about local marketing!

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To ensure no local business gets left behind in an online world.

Our Vision

To make digital marketing technology accessible to everyone – regardless of technical expertise.

Our Values

Why Loud?

Digital marketing is all about noise and breaking through it. The best way to do this is to “Turn Up The Volume” and help businesses do exactly that. Whether this is through online listings that shout out at people and tell them you exist or creating social media campaigns that resonate in people’s ears and minds – we are here to help.

Why Local?

Local marketing is uniquely different from national marketing. Reaching people locally requires you to take a completely different approach. Traditional approaches just won’t cut it as they used to on their own. Local marketing is hugely beneficial, especially for businesses that serve people locally.

LoudLocal Digital Marketing Services, Website Design and Local Marketing Services
Interesting fact #1: The colours in our logo actually have a meaning. The green represents "Loud" and the blue represents "Local". But after launch, we felt that the green was a garish, so it only appears in a few places on our site (in our logo, of course)
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Back in the early days of the internet an external links page was an essential element of your website. What happened?

Useful Links

Interesting fact #2: Link pages used to be the rage at the birth of the internet. Many websites had pages just dedicated to links! It’s a rarity in today’s world, but hey, it was great and helped our team find some great pages, so in tribute to the internet, here are some helpful links:

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