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    Paid Advertising Services (PPC)

    Our paid advertising services (PPC/Pay Per Click) are perfect for businesses looking to acquire new customers or generate new leads. We offer paid advertising across Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. If you are looking to reach more people and increase sales, our team can help.

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    PPC Paid Advertising Services
    Paid Online Advertising Services. That Delivers.

    Want To Take Your Paid Advertising to a New Level?

    At LoudLocal, we consistently deliver impressive results for our clients. Why? Because we don’t just list paid adverts, we optimise them across the entire customer journey (from the first time someone hears about your brand right through to the final click to purchase).

    Whatever your goal is, we can help. We don’t only rely on search engine advertising; we also help you reach people across social media! Our team can help you determine which platforms are most likely to help you achieve your objectives.

    It’s easy to see why we are a hit with our customers. So if you are looking for a competitively priced, UK based agency that truly goes above and beyond for customers, then look no further. 

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    Reach Audiences Across All of the Main Networks 

    Our paid advertising services are unique as we don't rely on one specific network. Instead, we conduct significant research to understand which networks are likely to produce the best results for your business. We then continually monitor campaign performance to ensure that the selected channels are performing as intended. 

    Some of the advertising we use include: 

    What is it?
    When doing an online search, you will most likely come across an example of this. These results will usually appear as a text-based ad first when people search for something on Google.

    The main idea is to engage an audience already in the market by bidding on keywords that potential buyers may use when looking for your product.

    How is it useful?
    You can bid on particular keywords to easily target your audience who are looking for set search terms. Google search results can also improve your online presence or help expand your current audience. This will save you from having to rely on people finding you organically (keywords you haven’t paid for that appear lower down on the search results page).

    Things to Consider
    Bidding for keywords can be very expensive depending on the keyword used and who else is bidding for that word. Our team will work closely with you to conduct keyword research to determine the best keywords to suit your business objectives and aims.

    What is it?
    Display adverts are visual adverts across various platforms, a great way to show what you do. You may see display advertising whilst watching YouTube or browsing certain websites. The main idea of display ads is to familiarise yourself with users (help increase brand awareness). This can help build trust among customers as people are more likely to purchase from a place they have seen before and recognise.

    How is it useful?
    Used in conjunction with the other advertising types, it supports the message you’re trying to convey by building awareness of your product/service with the customer/consumer.

    Things to consider
    Display advertising is not a method of producing direct conversions, sales and leads. Instead, it helps improve the performance of other campaigns by reinforcing your brand and its messaging.

    Display reaches a much broader audience than search advertising and sometimes will reach people that are not interested in your service/product. However, it still helps raise brand awareness. A well-run and optimised display campaign may positively impact the results you see from activity elsewhere (which is why many big brands run these campaigns). Our team will work closely with you to assist in getting the right balance between campaign types and ensure that your display campaigns are reaching the right audience.

    What is it?
    This is the process of re-engaging people who have interacted with you in the past. Potential audiences include customers who visited your website or someone who has engaged with previous campaigns. Remarketing is interacting with customers who have already bought something from you to try and get them to purchase something else. Retargeting is aimed towards sending out another ad campaign focused on the group that has yet to convert. Retargeting may include people who have abandoned their purchases at checkout.

    How is it useful?
    People abandon their baskets (online purchases) for a multitude of reasons. This may be because they are not ready to purchase, don’t have their card details to hand or want to explore other potential options with competitors.
    Retargeting can help remind people about you or offer incentives to complete their purchase. It can also show them other similar products that may suit their needs.
    Remarketing can also help get existing customers back to your site with new products, promotions or discounts.
    It stops you from losing potential customers. It lets you keep your current customer base engaged with your product/service.

    Things to consider
    Remarketing and retargeting ads can be annoying to users who receive ads that they are not interested in. If you are not following specific processes, ads may be perceived as a breach of privacy by the user leading to negative views of a brand. Potentially not valuable for certain people because they already bought your product. At LoudLocal, we work with you to address all of the above areas and ensure that customers are served with high relevance advertising, and you are fully compliant with any legislation (cookies/GDPR).

    What is it?
    Social media advertising is available on all of the leading social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter and Snapchat. Each platform attracts a different demographic, and not all social networks will be suitable for some businesses. Some businesses may also find their adverts perform better on specific networks, but the results are underwhelming on others. Social media advertising shouldn’t be confused with on-page content, which is the content that you may post on your feed. Instead, social media advertising is more about increasing brand awareness, generating more leads and serving targeted content to users aimed at meeting your business objectives.

    How is it useful?
    Unlike search advertising, where users may be actively searching for a specific service or product, social media focuses on targeting people with specific interests or who fall into a particular demographic. For this, social media is unmatched and an incredibly powerful tool for reaching new customers. Because people use social media to connect with family friends or keep track of general interests, it allows the ability to use a wealth of targeting options to reach people. It is also a great way to attract new customers and generate leads.

    Things to consider
    Social media tends to be a cost-effective way of reaching new customers around their interests. However, it performs significantly better when coupled with other forms of digital advertising to help reinforce the message.

    Paid Advertising That Compliments Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    The Complete Online Advertising Solution

    We aren't just a paid advertising agency, we are a complete digital marketing service. Which means we understand how it all fits together. Ensuring that any campaign we run is fully fleshed out and compliments work spent elsewhere.

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    Complete PPC and Digital Marketing Solution


    Helping reach customers at critical times during the purchase journey. Your customers don't just use one platform and with us neither will you. To maximise conversion rates, we target customers across many different platforms and link everything together; resulting in a seamless customer experience.


    A successful campaign doesn't only rely on great advertising and clever targeting. It is equally important to ensure that the entire customer journey and experience is a pleasant one. Otherwise, you may find people don't take the action you want them to. So our team will work with you to get your website in perfect shape.


    We regularly monitor campaigns, making recommendations on what changes should be made whilst your campaign is underway. If we see a campaign is not performing, we will tell you, giving clear guidance on what steps to take.


    As part of our values, we prioritise customer satisfaction over profits. We believe that providing you with an exceptional customer experience will form a healthy and long last partnership.


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    Paid Advertising With No Hidden Fees

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    When it comes to our pricing, we're an open book. This means we don't have any hidden costs and we will always inform you upfront of what our services are going to cost.
    At LoudLocal, if we say a project will cost a certain amount, then rest assured it will. No surprises, complete transparency and honesty is what you will get with us.
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    Digital Marketing FAQ

    New to Paid Advertising? Don't Worry, We Are Here to Help! 

    We understand that not everyone we work with is not an experienced paid advertising specialist.  This is why our team will always speak in plain English and avoid technical jargon (or at least explain what it means).  Why? Because we feel it is critical that our customers fully understand exactly what we are doing, and the benefit it will have for your business.  

    What does PPC stand for?

    PPC Stands for Pay Per Click Advertising

    What is PPC?

    Pay Per Click (PPC) is an advertising model in which you pay the publisher only when your ad link gets clicked on.

    What is an example of PPC?

    An example of where PPC's used is in search engine marketing (SEM), where you can show ads to users based on specific keywords they search.

    Is PPC worth it?

    Yes, PPC is a great way to see a great return on investment (ROI). However, to take advantage of PPC and make it as profitable as possible, you must be experienced and patient.

    What are the downsides to PPC?

    The biggest downside to PPC is that it requires much time to get a good return on investment (ROI). You cannot set up your campaigns and leave them. They must be tailored and constantly adjusted to give you the best results.

    How much does PPC cost?

    The Average Cost Per Click (CPC) is £0.80; This is how much it costs per person that clicks on your ad link. However, this can become more or less expensive based on how well optimised your PPC campaigns are.

    How do I start PPC?

    We offer two ways in which you can start PPC. We can manage your PPC campaigns and optimise them to give you the best return on investment (ROI), or we can train you to begin PPC campaigns for yourself.

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