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Bespoke Website Design

Beautiful, fast and customer friendly search optimised websites with flexible retainers, free technical support and enhanced security features. 

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We aren’t just a website design agency – we are a full-service digital marketing agency too. Ensuring the website we build for you doesn’t just look visually appealing, but it is also fully functional and built around your customers to maximise customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates. We also take care of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) while your website is underway. So all you need to do is sit back and let us do all the work for you.

Support Before, During and After

We won’t leave you with your website once completed and runoff. We provide flexible retainers, free technical support and enhanced security features—all available based on your needs. 

What’s more, you can trust our experienced team of UK-based digital marketing experts and know that we’re happy to work with you in the flesh.

At LoudLocal, we take pride in building the best website possible for our customers. Using platforms like WooCommerce, WordPress, Shopify and Wix, we can develop and design a website that will help your business shine online. 

100% satisfaction Guarantee
100% satisfaction or your money back
Essential Features of our website packages

Looking for a Fixed Price Website?

We have a range of website design packages available that offer a complete selection of our services at a fixed monthly cost. Ideal for small businesses and great for managing your budget. To find out more, visit the Website Plus Packages Page

Not a Regular Website Design Service

Fully Customised

Designed around your exact needs. We never use pre-set templates, ensuring your site is unique to your business

Blazingly Fast

All websites are fully optimised to ensure they load quickly and customers are never left waiting

Search Optimisation

We don't just optimise your website nationally. We do it locally too! Helping you reach people on your doorstep

Enhanced Security

Each site comes with a host of advanced security features. Protecting both you and your customers

Totally Unlocked

Once completed, you will have 100% full admin access to your site, with no restrictions

Ongoing Tech Support

Free UK-based tech support to ensure your website is up and running when you need it to be

Flexible Retainer

Choose exactly how many additional hours of support you need and change it at a click of a button

Training Provided

We will train you on every aspect of your website. Our goal is to make the complex a lot more straightforward

UX Design Expertise

Ensuring your customers get an exceptional user experience to maximise customer satisfaction

"LoudLocal are extremely passionate about what they do and about helping other businesses get the right exposure for them. They have a vast amount of knowledge and explain things in a way that is easy to understand. I had a lot of fun working with both Priya and Leon, and I found them receptive to my ideas and more importantly, they were not afraid to provide constructive criticism as and when needed. I highly recommend them and will use them again."
Tax Assist Accountants
TaxAssist Accountants

Designed For You

Your business is unique, and your website should be too! 

Our design team never uses pre-set designs or templates for websites we create. We start from a blank canvas and work around the unique needs of your business. 

Our team will work with you to understand exactly how you want the site to look, feel and function. We will discuss integrations with existing services and the migration of content from your existing website if you have one. 

We don’t rush what we do because we want to get it right. That is why we offer an unlimited amount of design changes during the sign off phase. It is vital that you are just as proud of your new website as we will be. 

A website that is unique to your business
Stand out from the crowd with a website that is as unique as your business
Security is one of our biggest priorities
Keeping your website secure is a key priority. We use a fully certified and secure payment gateway for our websites

Security First Mindset

Keeping your business and customers secure is one of our top priorities when developing a website. 

A secure website will not only provide your customers with complete peace of mind; it will also help improve the conversion rate from online sales. 

We use secure and certified payment gateways, TLS 1.2, DDoS, HTTPS and SSL encryption.

Additionally, we conduct constant security monitoring to ensure your website and customer data remains as safe as Fort Knox.

Get Flexible With Our Website Retainer

Website design retainers are a great way to ensure that your site never stays still; it will continue to evolve and remain as fresh as the day you launched.  

But we wanted to ensure you get the very best out of us and we are available when you need us but not charging for when you don’t. So we have created a retainer that offers you 100% control of when you use your hours, what you use them on and how many hours you need.

Increase or decrease the number of support hours you have, at the click of the button. 

You can use your retainer hours for other areas, such as local marketing, social media or graphic design

 If you don’t use all your hours in one month, then they will roll over to the following month, with no expiry date. Ever. 

Agile marketing picture
Our retainer offers 100% flexibility, and is built around your needs

Why Keep Customers Waiting?

Site Loading 100%

Every one of our websites is optimised for speed. Having a website that runs slow can lead to a poor customer experience, a high bounce rate (people leaving your site after viewing just one page) and a low conversion rate. We ensure all sites we produce are lighting fast, responsive and don’t leave your customers waiting.  

Some of the techniques we employ to keep things running fast include: 

  • Image optimisation using the latest web formats recommended by Google (WebP) 
  • Powered by Google Cloud 
  • SSD persistent storage with high redundancy 
  • Ultra-fast PHP

Never Get Locked Out

We provide you with 100% admin access to any website or platform we set up or create for you. We will also never undo any of the search optimisation (SEO) work we have completed on your website. 

Our main aim is for you to stay with us because of our service and not because you are worried about losing your website. 

If you decide that you want to move elsewhere at any time, then we will work with you to ensure that the transition is smooth and without any interruption. But we aim to impress and will do everything we can to keep you happy.  

Locked out of your own website
We want you to stay with us because we are great. Not because we control access to your website
An incredibly convenient service that not only is fantastic value, it works so well and the results speak for themselves. Highly recommended.
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Training services for using our bespoke websiteswebsites
Our bespoke website training will ensure you have everything you need to get started

Full Training Provided

When we build a new website for you, we will provide full training from the outset, conducted at your own pace. The training can be on a one to one/group basis, via a video call, or face to face.  

Additional training on any digital marketing area is available too, which can be deducted from your retainer or purchased separately.

Regardless of how stuck you are, a member of our UK based support team is just one call away. 

Send customers emails requesting reviews
Send customers branded review request emails directly from the dashboard

National AND Local Search Optimisation (SEO) Included

We don’t just optimise sites to appear nationally. We also optimise them to appear in your local area, which is especially useful if you are a business that serves or delivers to people locally. Local SEO is fast becoming a vital element of any digital marketing strategy and ensures your website is prominent on Google, Bing, Apple and more services.  

Our team will also set up and link your Google My Business Profile with your business, so the customer experience is seamless. Not only this, but we will also optimise your listing and categories to ensure you are ranking locally for the terms relevant to your business. 

That's Not All

All website customers will get access to a selection of our local marketing services, which will significantly enhance your businesses presence locally. 

Your website will be listed on 30 top UK directories such as, Yelp, Apple, Google, and much more with our directory listing service. You will also get access to our review and reputation management dashboard, which allows you to manage reviews across some of the top UK review sites. Our team will discuss this with you during the initial consultation to see if it is a service that can benefit your business. 

See insight into how your directory listings are performing with our easy to use dashboard.

Dashboard for directory listings
See insights into how directory listings are performing

Speak to Our Team

To speak to our team about your website design needs or any other digital marketing requirement, call us on 0330 088 1544 or email [email protected] or drop us a chat.

Alternatively, complete the form below and book a consultation at a date/time that suits you.