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3 min read

The Launch of Wix Studio

As long-standing Wix partners and having extensive experience with all the Wix platforms, we were excited to hear about the launch of the new Wix studio and how this could change how we build websites for our clients.

Wix Studio is the latest development from Wix, renowned for its user-friendly website-building tools and innovative solutions for web professionals. With Wix Studio, agencies now have access to a comprehensive suite of features and tools to empower them to create stunning, highly functional, efficient websites to take your business to the next level. The new array of advanced tools, enterprise security and cutting-edge SEO technology allows our team to create something exceptional for you and your business. 


Wix Studio Key Features: 


Perfect for Every Screen: 

With Wix Studio, adding custom breakpoints allows sites to be designed for every screen size. Your site will be designed with pixels that are auto-converted to responsive units so it can continue to look stunning regardless of what screen it’s being viewed on. Studio also has a responsive AI feature to make sites instantly responsive in one click, saving time that can be spent elsewhere on creating an incredible design. You can also choose what responsive behaviour you want on your site, from scaling proportionally, hug, fixed and fit to screen. The Studio platform also offers modular flex layouts with responsive boxes that auto-adjust to every screen size and allow text across the site to be scaled proportionally to fit every screen, providing users with a seamless experience.

Screenshot of new wix studio editing a website

Everything Positioned Perfectly:

Each element of your site can now be positioned perfectly with the new docking, margins, sizing and tools available at each breakpoint on Wix Studio.

screenshot of website being edited in the new wix studio

Animations and Design Features:

Give your site the personality it deserves with the all-new animations from scroll effects, loops, click effects, hover and more; the possibilities are endless! The new ‘sticky’ feature on Wix Studio also allows elements to stick to the viewport as visitors scroll, making any vital information stand out and creating engaging content.


Updated repeaters provide new design options while displaying content uniformly that can be easily updated via an integrated CMS.

Unique Design Elements:

Bring your website alive with new and unique elements that will enrich your site, such as text and video masks, section dividers and custom cursors, and other dynamic visuals, including background videos, gradients and images. Adding vibrant gradients can help make your website pop with the option to add section backgrounds with various custom gradients. The new transparent video feature also allows you to create stunning 3D effects on your website. 

wix studio screenshot editing a website

Stunning Menus: 

With the new advanced navigation menu options on Wix Studio, you no longer have bland and uninspired menus. You’ll now be able to have functional yet stunning menus that incorporate images, products, contact forms and more, giving you site a clear navigation route and an improved user experience. 

Ability to Collaborate: 

Wix Studio has now made it easier than ever for clients to collaborate with their agency, whether that be via live comments to share thoughts, create tasks, tag the team or invite clients to view and share feedback directly on the site. When you have a website built on the Wix Studio, you won’t be left wondering how to update your new website with a seamless handover that can include video tutorials, guides and other valuable resources available on the client dashboard. Those who have used the Wix editor before will know the frustrations of only being able to edit one at a time; that’s now a thing of the past with Wix Studio, where you can collaborate on the same site simultaneously with various collaborators and teammates. 

A screenshot showing how people can collaborate on the new wix studio


Multinational company? No problem; your site can now be translated into 180 languages manually or automatically without affecting design. This means your website can be displayed in the relevant language across various locations improving user experience and boosting sales. 


It’s now simple to create a booking system; you can schedule clients, accept payments, manage staff and accept 24/7 reservations all in one place on Wix Studio. Making it the perfect platform to launch your website for your business; from e-commerce companies needing custom product pages and shipping rates to restaurants wanting to display menus and take online orders, it’s got you covered. 

A screenshot showing the new booking system on wix studio


See how users and search engines interact with sites by pulling built-in reports, including bot logs, traffic analytics and Google Search Console data, helping you see updated reports all in one place allowing you to discuss and work with your agency to get your website top of the search rankings. 


an image saying 'save 50% big savings on all new wix websites' on a black background

We are excited to take our website builds to the next level with the new tools available on Wix Studio. To celebrate the launch of this fantastic new platform, we’re offering 50% off* all Wix Website builds for a limited time only! So what are you waiting for? Collaborate with LoudLocal to get the website your business deserves on the all new Wix Studio, for a limited time only. 

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*subject to terms and conditions found on the landing page



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