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Drama Workshops

Case Study: Ignition Arts


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"I am very happy with the website and its new design!" ~ Darren, Ignition Arts Director


Website Design


The Brief

Ignition Arts began in 2020 with the aim of educating and inspiring young people in the local community. Based in London, Ignition Arts offers drama workshops, creative consultation, mentoring, coaching, and training to children. Since starting, they have expanded their services into the surrounding areas and evolved their services to cater to children of all ages.

Before contacting LoudLocal, they began building their website internally, but soon realised they had neither the time or resources to realise their vision. They got in touch hoping we could help bring their ideas to life and make their website both visually stunning and simple to use. 

They initially came to us through the Wix Marketplace, and we were instantly able to identify which parts of the existing site needed some work and established objectives for the redesign. 


- Revamp website


Improved Site Structure

The first aspect of their website that we tackled was the structure. Prior to working with us, it wasn't clear what the different services/classes on offer were. By splitting up the homepage and sectioning programs into their own pages, it became less cluttered and much easier for users to navigate. 

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Improving the Theme

In terms of the overall design, we opted for a very bright and youthful colour scheme. To further aid usability, we also used the main red and yellow from the logo to represent Key Stage 1/2 & Key Stage 3 respectively. Along with many photos of Ignition Arts in action, adding a 'Meet The Team' section really introduced a human aspect to the site and helped build trust with users. One of the biggest changes we made to the website was switching the background from black to white. Beforehand, a lot of the text was hard to read or sometimes illegible, so we thought it would benefit from a clean, fresh look.

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mockup template

Before Our Work:


The result of our changes is a much more clear, coherent and colourful website than the previous site shown above. The introduction of global fonts and colours not only adheres to the brand guidelines but also injects a vibrant and cohesive visual appeal throughout the site. 

The revamped site layout has greatly improved navigation, ensuring seamless access to workshops and programs. Teachers' testimonials are also now visible across the site, providing valuable insights and building trust among potential participants. The overall redesign has significantly enhanced the website's clarity, coherence, and colour scheme, creating a more engaging user experience.

The Ignition Arts website is a testament to the successful collaboration between LoudLocal and the client, showcasing a harmonious blend of brand consistency and visual excitement, ultimately elevating the online presence of Ignition Arts.

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