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Case Study: HI-FIX



The Story Of Hi-Fix


Luke works for a high-end audio company Hifix. He manages the marketing and technical aspects of the company. Luke has incredible digital knowledge and understanding of google. However, Hifix wanted to expand and increase sales by branching out onto different platforms. Hifix saw the opportunity to use our service to train Luke on Facebook Ads Manager. Our training gave him valuable insight into creating ads on Facebook, managing campaigns and measuring the results to optimally increase sales on the platform.

Hifix were aware of the potential reach of Facebook; with more than a billion users on the platform, they knew they couldn’t avoid it if they wanted to reach their potential customers. However, Hifix were worried that their products may be too specific for the platform. They were unsure how they could take advantage of Facebook’s marketing tools to pinpoint their target audience. So Luke reached out to us to find out how Hifix could attract customers and generate sales using Facebook ads.

Why HI-FIX Chose LoudLocal


Hi-Fix chose LoudLocal because of our transparency and flexibility in what was best for them. After an initial conversation with Luke, we discussed the issues that Hi-Fix were facing and identified Luke’s genuine knowledge of digital. Due to this, rather than offering to manage the account ourselves, we thought it would be most cost-effective and beneficial for Hi-Fix if we gave Luke training on the platform instead.

The Process


We agreed to give Luke a total of 18 hours of training over a 2-month period. This was enough time to show Luke the ins and outs of Facebook Ads Manager, Meta Business Suite, and all the integrations for businesses on Facebook. 

First, we gave him an in-depth tour of the different tools that Facebook has to offer. We next focused on explaining the importance of Facebook audiences. We showed Luke how to discover, create, and manage audiences on Facebook so their ads could reach the right people, at the right time. If Hi-Fix were to target a broad audience, they would end up spending money on delivering ads to people that were never going to make a purchase. This is especially important for a company like Hi-Fix with such unique products.

Next, we ran through the process of physically creating the ads, how to do it most efficiently and how to create content personalised to individual audiences to maximise customer engagement and conversions. Luke was shocked to find out how much there is to Facebook and the intricacies that make a high-performing advert.

The Results


Following Luke’s training, Hi-Fix ran a campaign on Facebook that yielded results only seen in some of the highest-performing ad campaigns. They saw a massive increase in sales that correlated directly to this Facebook campaign. They spent £1,300 on the campaign with a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 1719%, generating over £22,555 in sales in just under 3 months. This is at the very top end of ROAS as generally a good number would be between 200-400%. Hi-Fix far surpassed this due to the training and Luke’s ability to now optimally create and manage Facebook campaigns to the highest level. The results on the graph below encapsulate just how many sales, and more importantly, the profit Hi-Fix was able to make when using Facebook Ads that were fully tailored to their customers.


Lign graph for amount spent and conversion values for Hifix social media campaign for case study

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